The purpose of this blog is to provide information on books published through the Sourdough Publishing imprint. You can scroll down to learn more about each book, or use the other top tabs to jump directly to a general description of a book and its Table of Contents.

We also occasionally publish excerpts, sample photographs, and other material to show what each book is about. The information here will not change nearly as often as our "parent" blog – the South Fork Companion, although we will provide updates about planned book signings, special offers, etc. on both sites.

The "production department" for the imprint is the CreateSpace subsidiary of Amazon.com. That is, we do all the editorial work and then sign the books up for Print On Demand production through CreateSpace. That connection, of course, also includes a CreateSpace "eStore" address, which we populate with our own text. Sourdough books are also listed in the Amazon.com catalog. For an additional (small) fee, we purchase "Extended Distribution," which makes them available through other book seller such as Barnes & Noble. Although CreateSpace offers other services, we have not used them so as to keep our costs down.

Although we have no current projects for other authors, that may change in the future.

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